Even if you have no tech skills, don't know what to put on your marketing pieces, or downright don't even have a listing packet or any branded marketing materials…

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Agent Power Packs is launching at a special beta price of $5.00, however it will fully retail for $14.95 and will be sold for that online without any bonuses. Your information is secure and will not be shared. 

What do these Real Estate celebrities all have in common?




They Understand and Effectively Utilize The Power Of Professional Presentation and Branding To Market Their Business

What if I could show you exactly how that is done 

(and you can too as an agent)?

Here's what I'll give you and how it works

This Listing Presentation Here…

How would you like me to give you the EXACT Listing Presentation I PERSONALLY use and hundreds of agents across North America have used to generate 10's of millions in commissions?

What do you give homeowners before and at a listing presentation? Something from your brokerage? Something you tried to make? Nothing? 

Now you can duplicate and model the pre-listing packet that has helped agents in markets everywhere convert a listing appointment to a listing signed. 

Introducing The Perfect Listing Presentation Packet.

What if all you had to do was make a few adjustments for your market, brokerage, logo, and headshot and have a 100% unique listing packet that looks first class?

You can be ready to present with a fresh, modern, and professional listing packet today? 

This is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Download

Save the files directly to your computer or cloud storage

The first step will take you all of about 3 minutes. You will get multiple files to save to your drive in .doc .pdf and .pages formats. 

Step 2: Edit

Does your brokerage/Team have a logo? Perfect, insert it. 

Do you have a lovely picture of yourself? Insert that too. 

You do NOT need technical Skills to do this. 

In Pages for mac or microsoft word it is only 4 clicks. 

Insert > Picture from File > (Navigate to your image) > Insert. 


Step 3: Save

Again, no creative or design skills needed, just save your Edited files and you're good to go.

You can also export the file as a PDF (save as pDF) if you plan to email it to prospects and clients. 

Now you can print, Email or present!!!

If you were to hire a professional creative

 to make a listing packet for you… 

it would easily cost you $250-$350 for a pro-level designer to create a presentation and you would still have to write all the words that go on each page. 

It would even cost you $50 just for a corporate brochure. Look at these freelancers…




Lucky for you, you don't have to hire anyone.

Would you like to have your listing packet 

done for the cost of a latté?


This is the beta launch so I'm offering a huge discount this week as we put the finishing touches on our public facing marketing and branding materials. Click the button to get started.  

I made this for you …

Look, I am constantly asked by agents how to create a great listing presentation and marketing materials (or if they can just copy mine), and honestly I have the same answer for everyone. 

This power pack is the answer and you can do it too. 


Perfect Listing Packet

This listing packet is a proven template that will differentiate you from all the average agents that don't know how to present professionally. 

You ARE better! 

You get to use the 10 pages in this packet to cover strategic angles that sellers want to know about.

Homeowners will clearly see you're the best choice after they see:

 your track record & Credibility page

 the million-dollar testimonial / Social Proof

 four reasons homes don't sell

 the marketing plan of action. 

 and much more…

This presentation packet is proven and tested and has helped generate millions of dollars in commissions for top producing agents throughout the United States and Canada. 

Plus you can send it ahead as a pre-listing packet or use it as your listing presentation (OR BOTH). 

BONUS #1: Perfect Buyer Packet

You don't have to be a listing agent to need a good presentation.

When you meet with a buyer you don't want to just give them a business card and go over MLS listings; show them you are a trusted advisor.  

Make a lasting impression with the perfect buyer packet that covers topics such as: 

 The buying process

 hurdles buyers face

 how to get pre-qualified

 home criteria checklist

 your agent bio

 client testimonials

 page about your company

Bonus #2: 10X Follow-up Packs

This is a sales business so it's essental to leverage email, SMS text, and phone follow-up scripts & sequences so you can proactively follow-up on all your leads and appointments

It's known that the fortune is in the follow-up. Differentiate yourself from the average agents who follow-up 1x or never. 

You can be the one that sends a thank you after the appointment, calls on Day 1, send a text with more info on Day 3, send an email on Day 4, another text and call on Day 5, send yet another email on day 6…

That relentlessness is how you convert buyers and sellers. FOLLOW-UP is a must. These are copy & paste!!

With the 10x Follow-up Packs you are going to 10X your results because now you'll stand out. 

With a variety of messages sent across multiple communication channels you'll stay in front of your prospective clients as the obvious choice

These are the essential marketing and listing materials top producers use...and it can make you more credible, professional, and ...

All you have to do is make these your own and you'll see a dramatic increase in your listing and buyer business. 

I exhausted more than 100 hours putting these together but you get them with a tiny investment. All I'm asking of you is a mere $5 to cover my costs of producing these packets for you. 

So go ahead and get your copy... and I'll see you on the other side. 

My Promise To You

I guarantee 100% that you'll love this power pack, and if you run into any issues I'm here to help make it right. And if I can't help you I'll refund your money. This is the beta launch so I'm offering a huge discount this week. If you find a bug, issue with anything please message me and I'll make it right for you. Thanks!!

That's right. I'm making this risk free. All you need to do is email me with your receipt and I'll give you your money back, no questions asked. Sound more than fair?

You'll be charged $5 for the digital downloads. 

Agent Power Packs By Jesse Willoughby

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